Chirp sub-bottom profilers

Chirp sub-bottom profilers are equipment that in typically operate above 2 kHz, up to several tens of kHz frequency range. The wider the bandwidth, the better the resolution. The lower the frequency, the better the penetration.

Chirp sub-bottom profilers can reach depths down to several kilometers, but the system configuration can be optimized for the best portability and economy depending on specific needs.

Meridata chirp sub-bottom profiler systems

Meridata offers optimized chirp sub-bottom profiling solutions.

Our systems can be customized to support different frequency bands and transducer/array configurations to match the clients requirements. These optimized system configurations are always well tuned for the performance needed.

Meridata HD SBP's UHF Chirp can achieve a layer resolution of just three centimeters in densely varved fine sediments.

Meridata supplies fully integrated systems for chirp sub-bottom profiling survey. A typical system includes:

Meridata HD SBP systems are future-proof and can later be extended with additional chirp frequency bands and optional boomer and sparker sub-systems for even lower frequency, deeper penetration needs.

UHF Chirp profile

UHF Chirp profile

LF Chirp profile

LF Chirp profile

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