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Renewal of R/V Aranda's hydroacoustic systems completed

Meridata has successfully completed trials of bathymetry and sub-bottom profiling systems on board research vessel Aranda, owned and operated by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE).

Following an international tender process, Meridata was contracted to provide chirp sub-bottom profiling and multibeam echosounder systems for the recently refurbished vessel. This included Meridata's High-definition SBP operating in multiple frequency bands from 0.5 to 50 kHz, as well as a Sonic 2026 MBES from R2Sonic for acquiring water column, seabed reflectivity and bathymetry data at frequencies from 90 to 450 kHz.

The systems are controlled by Meridata MDCS software, which enables intelligent trigger management for minimizing interference between acoustic systems, plus acquisition, visualization and recording of data from the systems alongside pertinent position and attitude data.

"This renewal truly represents a historic event for Finnish oceanographic research. State-of-the-art acoustic mapping facilities for the water column, seabed, submerged objects and sub-seabed will enable us to cover wider areas, and also to map in much better detail than ever before. Such capabilities open up new possibilities for all disciplines of our research", commented SYKE's spokesperson.

R/V Aranda is a multi-disciplinary oceanographic research vessel that mainly operates in the Baltic Sea, but has undertaken missions in the Arctic and the Antarctic, as well as the North Sea.  (R/V Aranda photo by Ilkka Lastumäki, SYKE)

Research vessel
                Aranda equipped with Meridata systems for SBP and MBES

Expansion of hydroacoustic survey capabilities for EGT

Meridata has recently supplied the Estonian Geological Survey (EGT) with systems for sub-bottom profiling and bathymetry.

The expansion of hydroacoustic systems affords EGT with capabilities to conduct single-pass, multi-frequency sub-bottom profiling as well as multibeam surveys in carrying out their seabed geological mapping and coastal monitoring programs.

EGT's survey launch pictured on the right (photo provided by EGT).

Survey launch equipped for
                single-pass bathymetric, sub-bottom and seismic survey

Terramare opts for Meridata's combined bathymetry and sediment profiler

Dredging contractor Terramare, part of Boskalis group, has taken delivery of a complete Meridata system for mapping bathymetry and bottom sediments in their marine construction projects.

Alongside equipment Terramare also took delivery of MDCS and MDPS software suites to allow acquisition, processing and interpretation of survey data.

Dredger Attila operated by Terramare, part of Boskalis group

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