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Since their introduction Meridata MDCS survey software and MDPS data processing and interpretation software has been the central focus in our software development tasks. The continuous efforts to streamline the user's experience have resulted in premium software products valued by professionals world wide.

Meridata MDCS

Meridata MDCS real-time survey and data acquisition software's rock-solid design provides premium reliability and precision for your survey projects.

True multi-mode surveys are now a reality thanks to MDCS's capability to process several asynchronous high-speed data streams from different survey instruments simultaneously. MDCS can simultaneously handle e.g.:

Quality control is an integral part of MDCS. So, the acquired data is automatically and continuously monitored for you.

MDCS in action

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Meridata MDPS

Meridata MDPS post-mission processing and interpretation software provides a clean, straight forward path for the data acquired during your geophysical survey project. The clear and responsive graphical user interface allows managing, processing and interpreting your data in a way that keeps your focus on the project instead of the software.

MDPS also allows processing and interpretation of multi-mode survey data from many instruments within a single project.

The results of processing and interpretation can be exported to industry standard formats such as CSV, DXF, Shape, GeoTIFF, etc. This enables sharing your data product in a way that allows integration to CAD and GIS environments used for chart production and more.

MBES processing with MDPS

SBP processing in MDPS

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